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After the victory, Aquaman offered the boys the opportunity to become his protégés.Although Garth declined the offer and returned to his studies, Kaldur jumped at the chance to serve his king as his sidekick.Aqualad also carries a waterpack that holds twin Water-Bearers and water.Off-duty, he usually wore a blue and black jacket with a high collar to hide his gills and tattoos, black pants and black sandals.There, they discovered the Genomorph project and Superboy, whom they liberated.The four youths stood up to their mentors and declared they were ready to prove themselves as heroes.One day, the villain Ocean-Master attacked Atlantis, causing Aquaman to battle with him.During the fight, Aquaman was defeated, but was suddenly helped by the combined forces of Kaldur'ahm and Garth.

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Aqualad is a very calm person, a trait unshared by the rest of his teammates.

The hands of his suit were webbed; the suit also sported fins on each of his legs.

Hidden in his suit were compartments that allowed him to shoot missiles. Aqualad came from the Atlantean city of Shayeris, where he was raised by Sha'lain'a, a native of that city, and Calvin Durham, a henchman of Black Manta who was genetically altered to infiltrate Atlantis.

He possesses black, eel-like tattoos that run across his back and along his arms and glow a bright blue when using his powers.

The visibility of the tattoos is due to the fact that Aqualad dropped out of Sorcery school before progressing to an advanced level; with more advanced sorcerers, the tattoos are only visible when used.

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