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We understand the inconvenience that this may cause you, and we thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

If you have any questions or concerns about the actions we've taken, how you can appeal this decision, or invalid activity in general, you can find more information by visiting Sincerely, The Google Ad Sense Team I have of course submitted a reconsideration request, but from what I've heard I don't have high expectations.

I probably could have picked a less aggressive Word Press theme with regards to ad placement.

It seems like Google is getting much more aggressive in closing accounts.

Your outstanding balance and Google's share of the revenue will both be fully refunded back to the affected advertisers.

Please understand that we need to take such steps to maintain the effectiveness of Google's advertising system, particularly the advertiser-publisher relationship.

There is definitely going to be a shift in my business.

You see, I have specialized in building more informational types of blogs and websites that are best monetized with Google Adsense.

Even if I somehow got a new adsense account, I would always be in fear of the same thing happening again.

For those of you unaware, I have been consistently averaging over k a month for the past year or so.

The last REAL income report where I showed my full Google Adsense income was in August 2011, where I had earnings of ,099.49.

However, I have a lot of testing to do in the coming months…not fun.

I can personally never have an Adsense account under my name according to Google.

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