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Genghis Khan paved the way for his grandson Kublai to become emperor of a united China and founder of the Yuan dynasty.

In all, Genghis conquered almost four times the lands of Alexander the Great.

Diesel cars have been promoted since the 1970s as an environmentally-friendly choice because they emits less carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas which causes global warming.

Successive governments have put tax incentives on diesel cars, allowing drivers to pay less vehicle excise duty.

The 700million tons of carbon absorbed as a result of the Mongol empire is about the same produced in a year from the global use of petrol.

University of Edinburgh researchers used a selection of specialised techniques to track the fate of inhaled gold nanoparticles.

Some 14 healthy volunteers, 12 surgical patients and several mouse models inhaled them, which have been safely used in medical imaging and drug delivery.

The new tribal leader wanted nothing to do with Temüjin's family, so with his mother and five other children, Temüjin was cast out and left to die.

Of all those in this list, he is the only one to start with nothing.

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