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It states that its remit is "to minimise the availability of 'potentially criminal' Internet content, specifically images of child sexual abuse (including child pornography) hosted anywhere, and criminally obscene adult content in the UK".

Content inciting racial hatred was removed from the IWF's remit after a police website was set up for the purpose in April 2011.

During the summer and autumn of 1996 the UK police made it known that they were planning to raid an ISP with the aim of launching a test case regarding the publication of obscene material over the Internet.

The IWF operates from offices in Cambridge Research Park, near Cambridge.

It has been criticized as an ineffective quango that does not deserve its charity status, for producing excessive numbers of false positives, for the secrecy of its proceedings, and for poor technical implementations of its policies that degraded the response time of the whole UK internet.

This resulted in the "R3 Safety Net Agreement", where "R3" referred to the triple approach of rating, reporting, and responsibility.

In September 1996, this agreement was made between the ISPA, LINX, and the Safety Net Foundation, which was subsequently renamed the Internet Watch Foundation.

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