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Contains links for Primary Federal Law, Primary State Law, U. and International Treaties, Foreign and International Law, Secondary Sources, and Empirical Sources.DRAGNET stands for "Database Retrieval Access using Google's New Electronic Technology," a specialized search engine that enables users to "drag the net" through a group of free law-related Web resources.Database of notices published in the City Record newspaper which includes: public hearings and meetings, public auctions and sales, solicitations and awards and official rules proposed and adopted by NY City agencies.

)* There are a few possible candidate name/person matches for Asenath such as Sen-nebti, Djeseret-nebti, Achethotep, Arsinoe, etc. The bent pyramid may represent the 7 years plenty & 7 years famine.* The area is associated with St Joseph, and not far from “Joseph’s canal”. Zaphenath-Paneah/Psothom-Phanech/Joseph seems to match Sekhemhet/Djoserty-Ankh. Grain storage bins in Sekhemhet buried pyramid complex and Zoser’s step pyramid complex. We believe that the figures for the “dynasties” will one day be decoded and confirm low chronology and perhaps even our own actual dates. Evidence that Atlantis account is true includes: the spring was found at Athens exactly as the account says; the account says it is true history not fiction; they can’t prove that it is made up; Plato was the first person to use different words legend and mythology; and finally some people including me have found/shown that Atlantis is real and where it was (Tiahuanaco).

Evidences for this include: models of granaries in Old Kingdom tombs. famine scenes of Unas (near/beside Zoser’s & Sekhemhet’s complexes). the predynastic divine “dynasties”: it is our contention that the (3) divine dynasties of gods, demigods, and manes/dead seemingly may be parallel with the dynastic 3 kingdoms. “700/949/955 years” from 1st dynasty to 8th (Memphite). between “802 (“575” 20th to 26th, , between “197” to “227” years remaining 5 dynasties 27-31) to “1050” years duration for 20th to 31st dynasties.

(I don’t see that it is a problem that the scenes are egyptians not foreingers: the biblical story is mainly set in Egypt even though the 70 hebrews later immigrated and though famine was world-wide.) (There may possibly be further confirmation in that Unas was possibly later confonded with a Hyksos king.) Surid’s flood & fire may possibly match plenty & famine of Joseph & of Zoser. Surid was 300 yrs before flood like Joseph 400 before exode? Scorpio implies that Evola also thought the 3 “dynasties” were 3 ages. Herodotus 3 groups of god also seemingly may match. Manetho/Eusebius/Africanus dynasties: I believe that the figures for the dynasties in Manetho/Eusebius/Africanus will one day be decrypted/deciphered/decoded and will confirm low chronology and perhaps even our own actual rough dates. between “1842”-“2313 years” duration for 1st-11th dynasties. between “3723” – “4551” years duration for 1st-18th/19th dynasties. between “197” to “227” years remaining 5 dynasties 27-31. Atlantis: Orthodox scholars are very criticial of the Atlantis account.

Orthodox source/s say/s “dates of the Old Kingdom may still be upto 3 centuries out”, and “the tendency is to revise dates down”.

This shows that the orthodox date is less not more certain than ours.

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