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She was named Jade was initially raised by her Grandpa, who was genetically her father through ectobiology.

When she and her grandpa were beginning to colonize the island northeast of Australia, a package appeared with some pumpkin seeds and a shirt.

She sees the body of a dead Dave and talks to Alpha Dave, who reassures her he would not become that Dave.

She then prototypes Becsprite with her dead dream self's stuffed corpse, which had ended up in her house's lab through time travel shenanigans.

Back on Earth, this causes her Dreambot to explode and Jade falls from her tower. She soon goes back to sleep, but without a dream self she is sent to an unstable dream bubble in the Furthest Ring.

The experience horrifies her, and with her conversation with Feferi afterward she adamantly refuses to go back to sleep.

Despite Kanaya's advice, she still attempts to carry out her frog breeding duties, even though the session was doomed.

After Rose goes grimdark she takes over planning for the team.

She finishes building Dave's apartment up to the second gate and talks to Tavros Nitram, all while asleep.

When Jade was young, Grandpa died due to a misunderstanding of human culture by Tavros Nitram, who took control of Becquerel to redirect a bullet Jade accidentally shot at herself at Grandpa.

The moral of the story is that wigglers should not be allowed to dual wield flintlock pistols. Around this time she had trouble sleeping, which eventually went away.

Jade prepares her entry item, a pinata of Bec which she had to shoot blindfolded.

As John is about to prototype her sprite, he is put to sleep by Vriska.

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