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The article begins by analyzing different stigmas that exist in Colombian society and the problems that result from such stigmas, before offering a review of social initiatives and proposing a project outline and policy options using participatory methods.This article presents the winning project of the first ‘Advancing Development Goals Contest’; an international MA student competition organized by the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies. In total there are 14 visitors online: 0 registered users and 14 guests. Registered users who have been online in the past 10 minutes: .Carrie put asides her misgivings about a photo session for a promotional picture for her columns, to go on buses, because she was allowed to keep the sexy dress, which she wears on her first 'official' dinner date with Big, and has sex against Charlotte's Victorian restraint rules.

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‘..most people the “L” neighbourhood is a dumpster that has to be cleaned up but they don’t know that there are families there, there are children, there are women living there because they have no place else to go.In this section we will introduce the problem of stigma in the Colombian context and how it affects women’s empowerment, especially that of sex workers in Bogotá. These authors defined sex work as one or several services in which sex is exchanged for money or goods.Specifically, sex work comprises, but is not limited to, street work, ship work, parlour work, escort work, working independently, ‘mistressing’, peep-show work, stripping, telephone work, and topless dancing.Of all these types of work, street workers have been most severely depicted as deviant due to them sometimes having drug related dependencies and practicing drug abuse.However, it is a common myth that sex workers fund their drug use through their work.

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