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Our dating site has recommended itself as a scam free dating service.

We have a strong anti- scam policy and you can report any lady from our site that you suspect of scam or any on-line fraud.

Some individuals with developmental disabilities only require modest support and training while others require intensive clinical services and daily care and supervision for their personal needs and safety.

We ask that you take the time to become familiar with the needs of persons with developmental disabilities who are served in your community .

So learn to identify when you're slipping back to your own predictable self.

I coach Colin Pomeroy through his latest relationship dilemma.

We ask that you become an advocate for the disabled.

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That’s the reason why dating sites have grown increasingly popular.

Today on Session's with Steven brought to you by the Shy Man's Dating School Podcast Series, Colin and I address the critics of the 30 Day - 30 Date Challenge, all of which are women.

I tell Colin: -To be his authentic self using radical honesty in ...…Is she using sex as a weapon?

Shy Man’s Dating School Podcast takes the guesswork out of attraction with interviews from relationship experts, dating coaches, bestselling authors, and sex educators.

We cover everything from the neuroscience of anxiety and lust, to honing your communication and socializing skills. Find more at: Today on Session's with Steven brought to you by the Shy Man's Dating, I speak to Colin Pomeroy about auditing yours and his life!

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