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However, to suggest that this particular Second Doctor story is non-essential (and that Seasons 2 and 3 in favor of, say, “Beer Bad” and that one where the burgers are people. That said, though, despite the fact that they are at the heart of the titular incursion, the fearsome silver cyborgs put in a very late appearance here (indeed, their involvement must have come as an unnerving surprise to anyone who didn’t first encounter the DVD cover), and we mostly treat with a rather sinister electronics company and its oddly, one might even say suspiciously, dispassionate director.This story also features the first appearance of UNIT (UNified Intelligence Taskforce), of which we learn that Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart—met previously in the mostly-missing serial , Season 6, Episodes 35-44 Written by: Malcolm Hulke & Terrance Dicks Directed by: David Maloney Setting: An unnamed planet; Gallifrey (though also unnamed here) 10 Episodes: “Episode One” (April 19, 1969), “Episode Two” (April 26, 1969), “Episode Three” (May 3, 1969), “Episode Four” (May 10, 1969), “Episode Five” (May 17, 1969), “Episode Six” (May 24, 1969), “Episode Seven” (May 31, 1969), “Episode Eight” (June 7, 1969), “Episode Nine” (June 14, 1969), “Episode Ten” (June 21, 1969).

The former story is rife with action, as warriors from across time—Ancient Rome, US Civil War, WWI, etc.—are forced to compete for the right to be the villain’s foot soldiers.

We have warned them, saying they could be expelled from the program."Another insider commented, "Some viewers are concerned and/or curious about that part (dating).

They're kids who are extremely talented and at the age where they're curious about the opposite sex but it seems like they're being cautious themselves."Last week, 'Mix Nine' finally unveiled its cover.

AKA the Land of Fiction 5 Episodes: “Episode 1” (September 14, 1968), “Episode 2” (September 21, 1968), “Episode 3” (September 28, 1968), “Episode 4” (October 5, 1967), “Episode 5” (October 12, 1967) Oh, I could go on and on and on about .

It is without a doubt my favorite Second Doctor serial, and is Top 10 overall, as well.

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