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Trivially easy thing to do) 1) Download Blob from Azure. 5) Loop through every block signature downloaded 6) You now have 2 lists; one of new bytes to upload (offset in new file) and one that contains Azure blocks that can be reused.7) Upload the “new bytes” as their own Azure blob blocks.Each block can be uploaded/downloaded/replaced/deleted individually which in turn means manipulation of the blob can be done in chunks rather than all or nothing.(see this for more details). Imagine you have a blob, you then download the blob, modify it and now want to upload the new version. We have a blob (top row) which is made of 4×100 byte blocks.Some of the contents of the second block (between bytes 100 and 200) are replaced.🙂 The way rolling hash signatures are generated is essential for this process to be quick enough to be practical.

For each block that exists in the Azure blob we need to search at every byte offset in the new file.The problem is that although contents of blocks C and D existing in the new file, their locations in the file have moved.This is the challenge, detecting that blocks in the cloud can be reused even though their location in the new blob have moved.What I hope is obvious is that a LOT of signature generation needs to happen as well as lots of comparisons.The key for the entire process to become practical is the ability to do VERY quick signature generation so the 90M calculations don’t become an issue.

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