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Below that are a set of other user related pages with (hopefully) self-explanatory titles.The media page gives access to all media objects across the site.You can Visit the forum and use search to find and review unique or unusual discussion on related topics.This feature allows you to review most changes logged to the administrative logs.The README contains many important instructions on installation and setup.Much like an file but far more secure, using this feature allows you to see both your Master and Local settings.You can The second feature (tab - Mail configuration) allows you to select the type of e-mail communications method you wish to use.This may depend upon the capabilities and tools enabled by your server host.

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Each of these groups will explained more detail later, but this is a summary of their general purpose: Accessible ONLY to users with the role "administrator".By following the links, they would end up with an almost infinite number of pages.So, here are a few examples of personal "rules": I find that lots of robots ignore my file, and hence appear in my "unrecognised visitors" list. But for the moment, I'm just monitoring my logs, and will only block them if they start misbehaving or causing problems.The top-listed "Modules" link provides a list of all modules available on your site within the Current area.From here they can be listed, enabled or disabled to suit your needs. Below this are pages where you can configure the display, accessibility, and in some cases position of each separate type of module (Menus; Tabs; Blocks; Sidebar; and Reports).

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